Arts + Academics

Take the Stage educational media is a series of interactive videos and lesson plans that teach the academics through the arts.

“From start to finish it was easy to follow.”
— Lindsey Hanton, 4th grade teacher


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•  Alignment in science, language arts, social studies and math for grades K-5.

•  Videos available to stream and download.

•  Print-out teacher guides and worksheets.

•  ¡Hablamos Español!  Take the Stage videos and materials are produced in Spanish as well as English.

“The video was well produced, fun, and interactive. ”
— Jennifer Crow, 3rd grade teacher

“As a bilingual teacher, sometimes it is hard to find videos that include a song, dance, and are both in Spanish and in English. Having these videos are beneficial for me as a teacher.”
— Jara Reyes, Kindergarten teacher

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“It made my students think outside the box.”
— Sarah Kissel, 5th grade teacher

White Paper


Structure and Function of Living Organisms

States of Matter
(Solid, Liquid, Gas)

Language Arts

Writing Expository Essays (opinion, reason, evidence)

Drawing Conclusions from Evidence in a Text

Prepositions (on, under, next to, over, around)

Social Studies

Historical Figures:
George Washington 
Eleanor Roosevelt
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dolores Huerta


Fractions (halves, quarters, eighths)

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environments for download

Animal Survival

Take the Stage Animal Survival video about structure and function of living organisms