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A free online platform of bilingual videos, lesson plans and worksheets that teach core curriculum through the arts.  For grades K-5.


Students are more engaged in the classroom when they are physically active and creatively solving problems.  Take the Stage is research-tested media that uses the power of the arts to make learning fun and increase academic performance.


Teachers find Take the Stage interactive videos and lesson plans on and choose the lesson that aligns with their curriculum standards.   Each video is available to stream or download and comes with a printable student worksheet that is used during the video.  Teachers have everything they need to use Take the Stage since the video does all the instruction for them.  The lesson plans provide easy-to-follow steps and extension activity ideas.

TAGLINE Teach core curriculum through the arts.


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(English and Spanish)

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Promotional Videos

Founder Dan Gordon talks about Take the Stage


Teacher Testimonial


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General Copy

Take the Stage is a series of fun interactive videos and lessons plans that teach core academics through the arts.  Available for free on PBS LearningMedia and!


Did you know Take the Stage interactive videos & lesson plans are bilingual? This makes these easy-to-use, arts-integrated teaching materials accessible to more kids while making it an especially helpful tool for English and Spanish learners!

Share these free, ready-to-use, videos and lesson plans with the teachers and kids in your life today!

Let’s make the fun of learning accessible to as many kids as possible with Take the Stage!

Did you know all Take the Stage media comes with a student worksheet and teacher guide?  Share these free, interactive, arts-integrated videos and lesson plans with your favorite teachers and kids!

Teacher Copy

Looking for free distance learning resources for grades K-5?  Take the Stage is a free, easy-to-use platform with interactive videos, teacher guides, and student worksheets!  Available in both English and Spanish.

School is back in session! Teach academics through the arts for free with Take the Stage!

Teachers love that Take the Stage videos and educational resources are in both English and Spanish!  

Research proves that arts-integrated, interactive lesson plans like Take the Stage help students learn while they're having fun.

We LOVE hearing how teachers use these free, arts-integrated classroom materials!  Share your experiences and tag #takethetagetv !

With Take the Stage, you can teach academics through singing, dancing, acting, and drawing!

Holiday Copy

Happy (INSERT HOLIDAY) from Take the Stage!

If you need some fun activities to entertain the little ones in your life over the holidays, we got you! Share Take the Stage's free, interactive, entertaining, educational videos with the young minds you know!

Don't you love that the arts can make learning ANY content feel like fun and games?  Here are some fun activities to do over the holiday!



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Sofia & Mr. Parrot (Language Arts)

Singing mariachi music is a super fun way to learn prepositions!   Your young ones will sing and dance along with Sofia, Mr. Parrot, and Mariachi Tradición de Jalisco, to the Preposition Song.  Also available in Español!

Learn prepositions (on, under, next to, over and around) by singing a mariachi song with Sofia and Mr. Parrot!  Viewers sing and dance with Sofia as she learns prepositions along with Mr. Parrot dancing on the sombrero, under the sombrero, next to the sombrero, over the sombrero, and around the sombrero.

TOPIC Prepositions

ACTIVITY Singing and Dancing


The Sawyer Show/ El Show de Gabby (Social Studies)

TOPIC Historical Figures


Ever think George Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt and Dolores Huerta could all be on the same talk show?  Well, at Take the Stage they can!  Watch this Take the Stage talk show to meet these important historical figures and learn why they are so important to American history!

A student in history class, imagines themself hosting a talk show with guests George Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Dolores Huerta.  When the host interviews these historical figures about their achievements, the viewers act out phrases that highlight each of their legacies.


Gabby's Perfect Pizza Pie Palace (Math)

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s...fractions! Help Adi get the pizza order right by having him understand halves, quarters, and eighths!


Compare fractions (halves, quarters, eighths) that make up a whole by drawing toppings on pizzas and cutting the pizzas into slices!

Visit Gabby's pizza shop to help Adi take pizza orders from customers.  Viewers learn fractions that make up a whole by drawing pizza toppings in halves and quarters and cutting the pizzas into one eighth slices.

TOPIC Fractions


Pizza Palace.png

The Dancing Scientist (Science)

At Take the Stage, kids have FUN while learning-- one of the most magical moments is when kids dance along with the wacky and whimsical Gregory Brothers !

What could wiggle the “states of matter” into young minds better than their super catchy tune, “Water is Wet”?

Click here to find the full, ready-to-use Dancing Scientist lesson plan and interactive video along with many more!

To help understand how water changes states of matter, Scientist Sam brings in the musical group The Gregory Brothers to help teach about the states of matter through an interactive dance. The viewer dances like a solid, liquid and gas and learns that water can change states of matter when temperatures are below 0 degrees Celsius or above 100 degrees Celsius.


TOPIC States of Matter


The Case of the Smelly Backpack (Language Arts)

Love solving mysteries?  How about solving the  mystery of the smelly backpack.   When Detective Bentley can't figure out why his backpack is smelly, he retraces the events in his day to find clues.  Taking on the role of detectives, the viewers act out the events of Bentley’s day and use textual clues to solve the case!

TOPIC Textual Evidence


Smelly Backpack.png
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Superflip (Language Arts)

Has a superhero ever jumped out of a comicbook you were reading?  Well, here comes Superflip!  Superflip helps the viewer write an expository essay with opinion, reason and evidence while showing how to create their very own comic strip!

When SuperFlip shapeshifts into Captain Opinion and brings along her sidekicks, Reason and Evidence, the viewer goes on a fun adventure into the world of opinions and learns the importance of supporting those opinions with lots of reasons and evidence.

Superflip (Sp).png

TOPIC Expository Essay

ACTIVITY Visual Art Comic Book Drawing

Animal Survival (Science)

Learn about the structure and function of living organisms by drawing an imaginary animal in the Take the Stage game show, ANIMAL SURVIVAL!

Viewers become contestants on a game show and are challenged to draw an imaginary animal that could live and survive in either the desert, ocean, or arctic tundra.  When drawing the imaginary animal, the contestants write out two distinct structures and a function for each of the structures that help that animal survive.

TOPIC Structural & Function of Living Organisms


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