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The LGA – HOU Two-Step

Living and working in two cities is interesting as I hop between the “Concrete Jungle” and the “Third Coast”, both cities where I have laid down roots.  And, each city is quite different in character – though I love them both.   I work as a theatre director, playwright and teacher in NYC and I am producing Take the Stage: A Performing Arts TV Show for Kids for the PBS station in Houston.

Currently, I am in Houston for meetings.


With the show approved for airing by HoustonPBS, comes the next step:  creating a sustainable base of support as we gear up for production in 2014 and beyond.   From experience running a theatre company since 2002 and going through the Pre-Incubator Program with the Houston Arts Alliance, having this strong structure and support (both fiscal and collaborative) will be the lifeblood of this TV project and it will enable it to have longevity for many years.   This week is full of meetings with people passionate about the need for arts education in schools and how it can improve academics as well as a child’s development.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet with some great individuals.  I’ll update towards the end of next week and report on all that’s going on.



____ From the Scrapbook #2:

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