Take the Stage launches on PBS LearningMedia

Over this past year, Take the Stage launched on PBS LearningMedia which is a truly awesome online destination for teachers that offers free access to thousands of classroom-ready resources.   What is particularly helpful for teachers that use this online PBS platform is that each video and lesson plan is automatically aligned with the national and state curriculum standards so every Take the Stage lesson can easily be incorporated a teacher lesson plan.

Adding to its accessibility and ease-of-use, this platform is compatible with the tools teachers use most, such as Google Classroom, and contextualized with supporting materials.

Since we launched Take the Stage on PBS LearningMedia in February, our analytics reports that thousands of teachers and students from all over the country have been benefiting from using Take the Stage and there’s been growing use internationally as well.

A school in California e-mailed us the other day and they were telling us that they were so inspired by Take the Stage videos that they suggested that their performing arts students and other interested students, use our videos as examples for creating their own “Take the Stage” lessons.   When we can inspire other students to create, we can see we have fulfilled our mission.

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