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Take the Stage Kids visit the Houston Ballet!

Our How-to Series is at the center of our mission which is  to make the arts more accessible for kids.  So, in this “how-to” series, we bring the viewer on a journey to local arts organizations where they learn step-by-step instruction from professionals right alongside the kids on the show!

We filmed the first of our How-to series at the Houston Ballet.  The Ballet was such a wonderful  collaborator for our first series.  Namely, Andrew Murphy, Jennifer Sommers and Lauren Anderson truly made it all come together.   They are real superstars!

And we’re so happy that Patrick Beverley from the Houston Rockets and Chester Pitts from the Original Houston Texans eagerly joined in to dance with us.  They were an absolute blast to have on set and added some humor to the videos.  While I was directing, I turned around and they were giving the kids piggy back rides around the ballet! 🙂


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