Finish line

Well, I can see it!  The finish line, that is…

Houston Public Media and I have been chatting the past week about the actual airing date, and I can assure you it’s coming soon!  A few more confirmations, but the show is already being closed captioned, which is pretty much the last thing to be done.   The website is being completed, as is our very own computer game.  Very cool, as I’ve watched coders and animators hard at work designing this game.  It’s very complicated(for me at least) and hats off to them.

Now, as the finish line draws near, I can see the opening as the possibilities for Take the Stage open up wider.  It will be an interesting next few months as we work with our first episode and transform and mold it into a series.  I have begun the stage of talking to varying producers to take it to the next level.  And, to the next level, we will go!

Looking forward to Take the Stage take Houston and then some!


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