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Alright. It’s time.

We have completed funding to film the 1st episode!

A very big Thank You to The Brown Foundation, The Baxter Trust, and Greggory and Patrick Burk for believing in this vision. ____

I sit here in NYC at a cafe planning my trip to Houston around July 4th.  Planning, well, everything.  I’m thankful for the groundwork that we’ve been laying down the past couple years.   This foundation has made organizing much more fluid as these relationships with community groups and collaborators are already present.  It’s now a matter of putting it all together.

I’m working with composers, educators, child psychologists, designers and production personnel.  Each step forward enables us to look farther int the future.  Step by step.  I have come to like the slow build as it makes for a stronger foundation it seems.  But, most of all, I’m learning each step of the way as we build.  Houston Public Media has been a prominent support throughout this pre-production phase.

Next up: Auditions. 🙂

Details to come.


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