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Arts Activities

(because YOU can be creative anywhere)

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Arts & Crafts


Canvas Painting with Paulet:

Canvas or Paper, Frame, Paint, Paintbrush

Rock Painting with Maverick:

Rock, Primer, Paint, Paintbrush

Marble Painting with Krista:

Pan or Bowl, Shaving Cream, Paints or Food Coloring, Toothpick or Popsicle Stick, Gloves

Bookmark: Scissors, Ribbon or Yarn, Decorations

Pinwheel: Straw or Popsicle Stick or Pencil, Pushpin or Tack, Scissors, Glue

Arts & Crafts
Canvas painting with Paulet
Rock Painting with Maverick
Marble Painting with Krista


Andrew Murphy

Patrick Beverley

Chester Pitts


The Take the Stage Kids